Master Key Experience Week 4

This past Sunday we had our fourth webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   It was another awesome webinar with great stuff. 

One thing we learned this is to not start doing things that we won’t finish, because when you do, that sets you up for failure.  We need to work on things we will finish.

We are also reading our PPNs and chores/services with feelings, and we celebrate each victory, no matter how small. 

The size of the task does not matter. Your subby can’t tell the difference between your cleaning the garbage or buying a home or making $10,000 during the week.  As you do complete the task you tell your subby you are.

So it’s a good idea to start with small tasks that are easy to do, and gradually increase it to bigger tasks.  Your subby will learn after a while that you are a person of your word and you will be setting yourself up for success.  You will start doing things that you said you will do, and will not hesitate or procrastinate on it.  

Don’t say I lost weight or I lost keys because it has a negative connatation.  Sya instead I get rid of. You are now doing a service instead of a chore. You don’t want to lose things, but there are things you want to get rid of, such as old clothes. 

Recruit sounds negative and hard. Say instead share.  It sounds better. It’s good to share.

Making calls sounds bad.  Get to connect to sounds much better.

Chores sound bad or a pain in the butt. Service sounds much better. 

Doing all these things will make a huge difference in your life. 



Master Key Experience Week 3

This past Sunday we had our third webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   It was really good and powerful.   

We learned that we had learned a lot more than we realized, and that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.  To reinforce this point, we watched a scene from Karate Kid where Ralph Macchio is complaining to Pat Morita that he is not learning anything but is doing a bunch of chores for him, and Macchio feels like he is being taken advantage of, and wants to leave.  All he seems to be doing is Waxing on and waxing off.

Morita then has him do the wax on and wax off and does a little martial arts with him, and after a couple of minutes, Macchio comes to the realization that he has indeed learned some martial arts while doing these chores. 

We are also learning how to be focused and be consistent.  That will help you have a better and more successful life.

We are learning how to control our subconscious mind. The subconscious just takes in whatever it is fed.  So we are working on what we are feeding out subconscious mind. The conscious mind, although it is less powerful than the subconscious mind, is the gatekeeper of what is let into the subconscious mind.  It decides what is let into the subconscious mind. When we choose what is let into the subconscious mind, then we will be able to reprogram our subconscious mind. 

We are working on a schedule of things we have to hand in each week, which is teaching us discipline as well as getting us out of comfort zone. We are also being held accountable for our assignments.  Being held accountable is very important is having a more successful life. 

We are also replacing our bad habits with good habits, and in the long run that will make a huge difference for us.


Master Key Experience Week 2

This past Sunday we had our second webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   This was the second week of a 24 week course.

This week was very powerful.   

We did our Personal Pivotal Needs (aka PPN’s) where we did an exercise where we chose out of 7 Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s), 2 of them.  I wound up choosing Spiritual Growht and Helping Others. The other five were Legacy, Autonomy, Liberty, Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health.

We then took two index cards, and we wrote on the top, “I promise”, and wrote on the bottom, “I always keep my promises”, and signed under that on the bottom. 

We wrote a chore that we had been putting off, and one that does not require us to use money, and wrote a completion date for it.  My chore was to remove a bunch of boxes I had let accumulate in one of my rooms, by October 13, 2019. I threw out the boxes and felt really good after it.

We finished by writing “I promise to repeat ‘Do it now’ 25 times, and say it out loud and do it twice a day. 

We learned that most people go over the methods first before their declaring their intention, and usually give up because they can’t figure out the methods.  They get it backwards. Instead they should declare their intention and then come up with methods that would get them to their stated intention because the subconscious mind is powerful and come up with ways to get you to your intention.

We are also continuing to read 3 times daily Scroll I from The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  The first time we read when we wake up, the second time after lunch and the 3rd time right before bedtime, and the 3rd time we read it aloud.

This has really made me feeling that some big changes are coming my way in the next few weeks, and I am very excited. 


Master Key Experience Week 1

This past Sunday we had our first webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

We covered a lot of stuff.  With the exception of a couple of internet connection issues, the webinar was great and covered a lot of cool stuff.  We were also given several assignment.

One assignment I have been working on this week I have been going over Scroll I of the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I am reading it 3 times a day this week.  The first time is when I arise in the morning. The second time is at lunchtime. The third time is at night right before I go to bed, and the third time I have to read it out aloud.  Doing this will help it sink more into my subconscious mind. 

We are being taught to stretch ourselves and get out of comfort zones. This I like because there is no success to be found in the comfort zone, and you grow and become a better person when you do the uncomfortable things. 

We are also being taught to change our thinking and influence our subconscious mind in a positive way.  We are being taught how big an influence the subconscious mind has on the decisions we make, and most people are not aware of it.  Most people think they are ruled by their conscious mind, and nothing could be further from the truth.

We are also being asked to meditate 15 minutes a day.  I like this because meditation is used by many successful people, and it really helps your creative juices flow. 

All of this sounds like a lot to do, and frankly it is a lot to do. However, I have learned that if something is very important to you, you will find time to take care of it.  If you have a very busy work schedule and someone you like is interested in going out with you, you will find some time to go out with that person, no matter how busy your schedule is.  We make time for the things that are very important to us. If we don’t make some time for something, it usually is not that important to us. 

We are also currently going over the section in Napoleon Hill book, Think and Grow Rich, which discusses how Edward C. Barnes had a burning desire to be partners with Thomas Edison.  He came to Edison’s dressed like a tramp and said he wanted to Edison’s partner. Edison gave him a low level and menial job, which Barnes took. Barnes never gave up on his burning desire to be partners with Edison, and several years later he did partner with Edison when .  This story shows how when you have burning desire and never give up on it, you can truly accomplish your dreams.    

Hill also shares the story about a warrior who took his army to fight an enemy with more soldiers.  When their boats arrived at the enemy territory, the warrior had them burn all the ships and told them that with the boats burning, they either had to defeat the enemy or would perish, since they had no means of escape.  His army wound up winning because that was the only way they could survive since they burned all the ships. 

The point is people have to a burning desire to win and be willing to burn the ships and cut off all areas of retreat and pursue their dreams and not give up. 

I am learning a lot this week and excited for the upcoming week’s lessons!