Master Key Experience Week 11

This past Sunday we had our weekly Master Key Experience webinar with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

There was lots of value as usual. 

Every thing that changes happens because of habit. If we want to change our lives, we will have to change our habits.

I am doing better each week.  Visualizing and meditating definitely make a big difference.  I had gotten away from doing these things for a while, and now I have been doing them regularly because of the Master Key Experience exercises, and I am grateful for them. 

Over the last several weeks, my DMP (Definite Main Purpose) has gotten much more specific, which has been very helpful because the subconscious mind hates vagueness.  My DMP is becoming more alive. Saying it out loud definitely makes it feel more real. Persistent action with your DMP is crucial for it to become alive and for it to one day because a reality. Knowledge will not apply itself. 

Results will come from persistent thoughts and actions, and those results eventually become the cause of other effects.  It’s amazing when you realize that it’s our thoughts, actions and habits that have brought about the life we are currently living. Having learned all of this, I now believe I am much more capable of achieving the life I truly desire.  


7 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 11

  1. Isn’t it funny how we can think we’re doing the right things? The vagueness makes so much sense! Specifics and persistence determines how are subconscious responds. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Victor.

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