Master Key Experience Week 12

This past Sunday we had our weekly Master Key Experience webinar with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

We did a 50 minute exercise where we were asked to read our DMP’s (Definite Main Purpose) that we had written on our card for 50 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror. Doing this really helped my DMP come alive.  As I went through the exercised, I said my DMP with more feeling, and it became more real to me. It was very powerful doing it.

I am really enjoying reading daily Scroll III of The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  It talks about the importance of persistence. The first sentence is “I will persist until I succeed.”  Persistence is what successful people do. Thomas Edison kept persisting despite all the failures in trying to invent the light bulb.  He never gave up and he eventually invented the light bulb, and because Edison was persistent, we don’t need to use candles anymore.

I now keep reminding myself that I will succeed because I will persist.


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