Master Key Experience Week 17

This week Haanel teaches us the importance of intuition.  He tells us that it often comes with a suddenness that if often startling.  It can be developed and cultivated, and we need to recognize and appreciate intuition.  If we don’t give our intuition a grand and royal, he may come again, but after a while, we may not see our intuition as much if its ignored. We need to pay more attention to our intuition and accept it. 

I have found that with my going back to regular meditation, it has helped with my intuition, which has gotten better and has given me more ideas and helped me be more creative.  

I have noticed that when I go against my gut, my intuition, I often regret it.  When I go with my gut feeling, I am usually correct. This lesson has definitely hit home with me. 

Haanel teaches “Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact”.  This is very powerful. It reminds of what Jack Canfield teaches, “Act As If”.  Basically if you act as if you are successful or your are living the life you desire, and you do it with emotion, this really greatly influences the subconscious mind.  Focus on living your deal and with emotion, and you are more likely to achieve that ideal. 



4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17

  1. I focused on the concentration with this lesson but love that you focused on intuition. A very important skill to develop. Thank you.

  2. If you want to be a winner, you must act like a winner — act as if you’ve already won! Great awareness, Victor! Thanks for making it a habit to reply to the comments made by others. Right on! 🙂

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