Master Key Experience Week 17 – HJ

It has been about 4 months since we started the Master Key Experience.  As each goes on, everything starts to make more sense. It kind of reminds me when the head of sports teams tell their fans, “Trust the process,” of a coach tells a player he’s coaching, “Trust the process.”  It does not make a whole lot of sense in the beginning, but as time goes on, all the pieces start to fit, and things make more sense.  

A lot of times we will not do the things our mentors or coaches tell us to do out of ego or out of laziness, and that is too our detriment.  We let ego stop us from having the life we so badly desire, and we often rob ourselves of the success we desire because we let ego get in the way.  We have to always be students and always be learning, and learn from those who have done what we want to do. 

We discussed the hero’s journey this week.  When we watch a movie, we find the main character often runs into difficulties.  We become engaged in the troubles and problems they find themselves in and drawn into their story.  The main character, or protagonist, have a big problem or struggle and they take it on. They decide to become the hero or victor of their journey.  To become the hero of your own journey is the path of the Hero’s journey.

One great example of someone who encompasses the Hero’s Journey is Aimee Mullins. Aimee Mullins gave an incredible Ted Talk, and I will let her tell you in her words what she has done with her life, despite having both of her legs amputated. 

I think you will definitely enjoy and learn a lot from Aimee Mullins talk. 

Click here to watch!

I am learning so much each week, and can’t wait for next week’s lesson. 



5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17 – HJ

  1. Hi Victor! 🌟
    Congratulations! ✨You started out with the hero name!!! 🍾 The victor of your journey! 🥳 How awesome is that?! 🤔 Keep on rocking this journey, my friend! 👏🏻🙏🏼🕊
    Sherri 🌸

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