Master Key Experience Week 23

We focused on this week on how great we are and can be. 

We are encouraged to make the most out of our lives, and then we’ll be able to help more people out.

We were reminded of the dangers of multitasking this week.  Multitasking is doing half as much you can in twice the amount of time it should normally take.  And to top it all off, you will do it only half as well. When we multitask, we are far less productive and get a lot less done than when we do things one at a time.  There is so much temptation to multitask. I’ve been learning to focus more on one thing at a time. I am not completely over multitasking, but I am getting there. 

We also should not let other people decide the way we should be.  Too often we live the life others want us to do, and it makes us miserable.  And we don’t accomplish the things we truly desire. 

We learned that to become great, our actions must reflect our thoughts.  Unfortunately, too many people never take actions on their thoughts, and nothing happens.  We need to become externally what we want to be, and that comes about by actions. I remember the saying that the cemetery is the richest place in the world, because it’s filled with people who did not take action on their thoughts, and they never became the person they wanted to be.  That is so sad. 

I refused to allow that to happen to me. 



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