Master Key Experience Week 25

We are getting near the end of the Master Key Experience.  I have learned so much from Mark J. and Davene and from the rest of MKE team.  The guides have been so wonderful and helpful. I really enjoy our mastermind group, and learn so much from them during our calls. They gave us a ton of value and gave us everything they had, and held nothing back.  

I have become a lot more productive, and I have been doing a lot less multi-tasking, which actually makes you less productive, and am learning to focus more on doing one thing at a time.  

I have learned to get more done in a shorter period of time, and have learned how much doing little things and keeping my promises for each service I do each week helps to influence my subconscious mind for success.  When you change your habits and what you feed your subconscious mind, you can definitely change your life for the better. It’s not pure luck but implementing a system and habits consistently and working on subby constantly.  I have seen great changes over the last 6 months because of implementing what was taught to me.

I am very grateful to Mark J, the Fabulous Davene and all the wonderful guides for their help. 



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