The Slight Edge

The Slight Edge is the name of a book by Jeff Olson.

The Slight Edge means that little changes made over long periods of time leads to great results.

A lot of people don’t understand the power of the slight edge because when they try something for a little while and don’t see results immediately, they will give up. You need to have a long term perspective and do things over a long period of time. If you take a long-term persective, you will see the results.

One person may decide to eat well, diet and exercise. He may not see the results immediately. If he keeps it up, he will see positive results. He will have a fit, leaner body, will have more energy, and will have a healthy body,

Another person decides to eat lots of junk food, sugary foods and fatty foods. He does not diet or exercise. He may not see any harmful results immediately. However, if he keeps up the his unhealthy lifestyle, he will see the negative results after a number of years. He will put on weight, have less energy, and develop health problems over the course of time.

The Slight Edge can work in your favor or against you. It all depends on the choices you make and the actions you take.

The #1 golfer in the world practices more than the #10 golfer in the world. The difference between the #1 golfer and the #10 golfer in the world is just a few strokes. It’s just a difference of 2 1/2 to 3 percent. The difference in earnings between the two golfers is millions of dollars.

Same thing happens in baseball. One batter may take extra batting practice consistently and winds up batting .300. Another batter takes less batting practice and bats .250. The difference between a .300 hitter and a .250 hitter in baseball is just one extra hit per 20 at bats. The difference in earnings between the two hitters is millions of dollars.

Same thing happens in horse racing. One horse practices harder than other horses. The horse that practices harder may edge runner up horse by a nose and win the Kentucky Derby. The difference in winnings between those two horses can be hundred of thousands of dollars in earnings for that race.

To achieve the Slight Edge, you need to have a long- term perspective and do the things you need to consistently over a prolonger period of time. If you keep at it and keep at it, you will see the results over the long term and have great success!

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Using the Law of Reciprocity for Success

The Law of Reciprocity is very powerful and can help you massively grow your business.

Basically, what the Law of Reciprocity states is that when a person does something nice for or gives something else to another person, there is an urge in the other person to do something or give something in return to the first person who gave them something.

This law is used by a lot of marketers to become successful. It’s been used on you many times without you even being aware of it.

Have you gotten a free nickel, an address label, a free pen, or free Christmas cards from a charity organization? Why do these charities send you free gifts? They know that there is an urge in many people when they get these free gifts to do something in return. That something in return is often to make a donation to the charity. Charity organizations have found that contributions more than double when they send out free gifts. It’s very effective.

Sales organizations have trained salespeople that when they go to someone’s else and ring the doorbell,not to say anything when a person opens a door. Instead, the sales person hands the home owner a free brochure or a free pamphlet. Now once they have the free item in their hands, the home owner is more likely to listen to what the salesperson has to say. This works much better than if they ask the home owner if they would like a brochure first.

The Hare Krishnas have used the Law of Reciprocity effectively. At the airports or at malls they would give people a free flower or a free book. Guess what happened? Many people felt compelled to give them money in return for the free gift. This is much more effectively than if they went up to people and asked them for money.

Supermarkets and other food stores often give you free samples of food. Why do they do that? Because after trying the free sample, many people feel guilty about getting a free sample and feel the urge to buy something to reciprocate. They often wind up buying something as a result of trying the free sample

 What do successful marketers do? They give you lots of stuff for free. They give you valuable posts on social media, free videos to watch, free webinars to watch, free ebooks to read, and much more. They give you tons of value. After a while some people feel the urge to reciprocate to the successful marketer. They may buy one of the marketer’s products, buy coaching from the marketer, or join them in their business opportunity.

This is one reason why the most successful marketers give the most value, while the unsuccessful ones just spam their links and get nowhere. The unsuccessful marketers are providing no value and hence the Law of Reciprocity does not work for them. There is no urge for people to reciprocate because no value is being given to them.

Learn to use the Law of Reciprocity and give people lots of value. The more value you give, the more successful you will become and the more people will buy from you or join your business.

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