Master Key Experience Week 13

This past Sunday we had our weekly Master Key Experience webinar with Mark Januszewski and his team.  It was another great webinar as usual.

We were encouraged to write 3 cards of gratitude and add them to our pile of accomplishments and experiences.  I really like this exercise. We need to be grateful for the things we have, and the more we appreciate what we have, the more successful we will be. 

One thing Mark talked about was our tendency to sometimes put off doing certain things until tomorrow, with the intention of doing twice as much the next day. We put off making calls to prospects until tomorrow, and say we will call twice as many tomorrow. And of course that usually does not happen.   Procrastination is a devastating killer of success. We have to nip it in the bud and just work on tasks when we say we will do it.  

I am enjoying doing the weekly services and accomplishing them.  These are sending messages to my subconscious that I do what I say I will, and also I am feeling more of a sense of accomplishment.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Master Key Experience Week 12

This past Sunday we had our weekly Master Key Experience webinar with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

We did a 50 minute exercise where we were asked to read our DMP’s (Definite Main Purpose) that we had written on our card for 50 minutes in front of the bathroom mirror. Doing this really helped my DMP come alive.  As I went through the exercised, I said my DMP with more feeling, and it became more real to me. It was very powerful doing it.

I am really enjoying reading daily Scroll III of The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  It talks about the importance of persistence. The first sentence is “I will persist until I succeed.”  Persistence is what successful people do. Thomas Edison kept persisting despite all the failures in trying to invent the light bulb.  He never gave up and he eventually invented the light bulb, and because Edison was persistent, we don’t need to use candles anymore.

I now keep reminding myself that I will succeed because I will persist.


Master Key Experience Week 11

This past Sunday we had our weekly Master Key Experience webinar with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

There was lots of value as usual. 

Every thing that changes happens because of habit. If we want to change our lives, we will have to change our habits.

I am doing better each week.  Visualizing and meditating definitely make a big difference.  I had gotten away from doing these things for a while, and now I have been doing them regularly because of the Master Key Experience exercises, and I am grateful for them. 

Over the last several weeks, my DMP (Definite Main Purpose) has gotten much more specific, which has been very helpful because the subconscious mind hates vagueness.  My DMP is becoming more alive. Saying it out loud definitely makes it feel more real. Persistent action with your DMP is crucial for it to become alive and for it to one day because a reality. Knowledge will not apply itself. 

Results will come from persistent thoughts and actions, and those results eventually become the cause of other effects.  It’s amazing when you realize that it’s our thoughts, actions and habits that have brought about the life we are currently living. Having learned all of this, I now believe I am much more capable of achieving the life I truly desire.  


Master Key Experience Week 9

This past Sunday we had our ninth webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

It was another great webinar as usual with lots of value.  

I am feeling my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) coming more alive as I read it aloud each day with emotion. Going over all the exercises really helps, especially with our subconscious mind, which is our big driver.  

This week I was doing better on the 7 day mental diet. I was stuck on a train, and then I had to take another train since my train running with shuttle buses, which take forever.  A bunch of really got really angry and upset. I initially got upset and then immediately calmed down as I realized that I could not do anything about the train delay. I started feeling better and began chatting with one of the passengers.  I decided to be the observer, and felt better as a result. 

We are off this week, and will return our sessions the following week.  I am glad with this break, I have a chance to work on my different exercises and services and finish up things as we have been given a lot.  I have to say I have learned a lot with all they have been teaching us, and each week it is making more sense to me.

We also have to remember that the majority of our thoughts really determine our lives, which is why we have to work constantly with what goes into our minds, especially our subconscious minds.  When we get hit with a negative thought, we have to replace with a powerful, positive thoughts. 

They have promised us something jaw dropping on our next webinar, and I am really curious and excited about what it is. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Master Key Experience Week 8

This past Sunday we had our eight webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

It was another powerful webinar, and they seem to get better each week.

I have decided that I want to put in the time and effort to have this new and beautiful life. 

We learned that every choice we make in life has a consequence.  All the time we make decisions. Indecision is also a decision.

Your results come from all the daily activities and choices you make.  You can not change your results from simply cramming. Success is not built in a day but is built daily. 

We discussed imagining waking up every morning with $86,400 in your bank account, but you are not able to carry that money over to the next day.  You must use it or the bank deletes. What would you do? Obviously, we would spend that money.

The reason this was brought up was that we get 86,400 seconds each day, and we have choices to make on what we can do with those 86,400 seconds each day. 

Since we know that we are controlled primarily from the subconscious (the world within), we should invest most of our time investing in our world within.  That is one of the reasons we were asked to focus on this 7 day positive mental diet. We waste too much time on things that are not helping us or even hurting us, and we have to change what we are feeding our subconscious minds.

Instead of trying to focus on time management, successful people focus on controlling their thoughts.  It’s really difficult managing your time. It’s much better to control your thoughts, which is definitely more doable.  All people have the same amount of time to use each day (24 hours/86,400 seconds). Imagine and visualize the life you desire and focus on powerful,, positive and successful thoughts. 

Looking forward to next week’s lesson.


Master Key Experience Week 7

This past Sunday we had our seventh webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   

It was another powerful webinar, and they seem to get better each week.

We discussed visualization.  This is very powerful because most successful people do some form of visualization of the kind of life they want.  You have to see it in your mind before you can make it real in your life. We have to make the image we visualize very clear in our thoughts.   As we keep holding the picture and/or image in our mind, we will eventually bring it closer to fruition. What happens is that there is a structural tension between what we are visualizing and what is actually going on in life.  Our subconscious goes to work to lessen the structural tension and help make our visualization happen and become true.

We also were given a 7 day mental diet where we are to not have any negative thoughts.  If we all of a sudden have a negative thought, then we have to start the 7 day mental diet again.

It has been a challenge so far, because I realize that my mind is being hit with negative thoughts throughout the day.  I often fight off the negative thoughts, but sometimes I give in to the negative thoughts, and I have to start the 7 day mental no negative diet gain.  It’s been a great learning experience.

One that helps you fight negativity in this 7 day no negative exercise is to do thing like focusing on what you want and love and not give attention to things you don’t like.  Focus on love and gratitude and other positive things that are wonderful and beautiful.

There is a lot of hard mental labor that needs to be done to make this new life happen, and most people are not willing to put in that effort and labor.  I have decided that I want to put in the time and effort to have this new and beautiful life. 


Master Key Experience Week 6

This past Sunday we had our sixth webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   As usual it was another awesome and powerful webinar.

We transitioned from Scroll 1 to Scroll 2 of “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” The new scroll talks about love.  You can think of it as the Scroll of Love. The first line is “I will greet this day with love in my heart.” We will continue reading Scroll 2 for the rest of the month.

We also went over the power of focus for your success.  The magnifying glass has no power over the paper if it keeps moving around.  But once it is concentrated on one spot on the paper, the sun’s power can go through the paper and burn it.  We need to have the same concentration and focus on whatever we do.  Don’t be all over the place or you’ll never get anything done, and you won’t be successful. 

We discussed why procrastination is so detrimental to ourselves. When we procrastinate, we give our future selves a bigger problem. Basically, we can do something now we don’t really want to do, or later we end having to fix something bigger.  You can take care of it now, or you pay the price for it later. It’s like if you don’t take care of your body and health now, you will get sick later on in life. 

So don’t put off things.  Get it done now! Say to yourself at least 25 times, “Do it now!” Do this exercise twice a day, and you’ll find yourself procrastinating less and getting a lot more done.


Master Key Experience Week 5

This past Sunday we had our fifth webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   It was another very powerful webinar filled with awesome stuff.  

We had to write a press release this week.

We also were asked to focus on noticing and being aware of how often give our opinions.

I realized after talking to friends, watching the news and looking at social media posts how I often I am giving my opinions.

Our opinions are our ego.  We attach opinions so we can feel in control and feel comfortable. When we do this, then we make detachment impossible.  We definitely love our opinions!

Most of my conversations with people are often just us going back and forth and exchanging our opinions. 

Now I have to play the role of observer and not give opinions. It is more peaceful when you don’t have to focus on giving your opinions all the time, and it is less stressful.  It is quite freeing. It allows me to be a better listener and I am listener more to what the person has to say, instead of focusing on how I want to respond to them. 

I will keep working on being detached and letting go and letting things happen.  It is much easier said than done, but it is possible. Like with everything, it requires practice.  I will keep practicing and I know I will get better at it. 

This will clean out my mind and retrain my brain, and will help me so much in the long run!
Check out my Press Release here:

Master Key Experience Week 4

This past Sunday we had our fourth webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   It was another awesome webinar with great stuff. 

One thing we learned this is to not start doing things that we won’t finish, because when you do, that sets you up for failure.  We need to work on things we will finish.

We are also reading our PPNs and chores/services with feelings, and we celebrate each victory, no matter how small. 

The size of the task does not matter. Your subby can’t tell the difference between your cleaning the garbage or buying a home or making $10,000 during the week.  As you do complete the task you tell your subby you are.

So it’s a good idea to start with small tasks that are easy to do, and gradually increase it to bigger tasks.  Your subby will learn after a while that you are a person of your word and you will be setting yourself up for success.  You will start doing things that you said you will do, and will not hesitate or procrastinate on it.  

Don’t say I lost weight or I lost keys because it has a negative connatation.  Sya instead I get rid of. You are now doing a service instead of a chore. You don’t want to lose things, but there are things you want to get rid of, such as old clothes. 

Recruit sounds negative and hard. Say instead share.  It sounds better. It’s good to share.

Making calls sounds bad.  Get to connect to sounds much better.

Chores sound bad or a pain in the butt. Service sounds much better. 

Doing all these things will make a huge difference in your life. 


Master Key Experience Week 3

This past Sunday we had our third webinar of the Master Key Experience with Mark Januszewski and his team.   It was really good and powerful.   

We learned that we had learned a lot more than we realized, and that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.  To reinforce this point, we watched a scene from Karate Kid where Ralph Macchio is complaining to Pat Morita that he is not learning anything but is doing a bunch of chores for him, and Macchio feels like he is being taken advantage of, and wants to leave.  All he seems to be doing is Waxing on and waxing off.

Morita then has him do the wax on and wax off and does a little martial arts with him, and after a couple of minutes, Macchio comes to the realization that he has indeed learned some martial arts while doing these chores. 

We are also learning how to be focused and be consistent.  That will help you have a better and more successful life.

We are learning how to control our subconscious mind. The subconscious just takes in whatever it is fed.  So we are working on what we are feeding out subconscious mind. The conscious mind, although it is less powerful than the subconscious mind, is the gatekeeper of what is let into the subconscious mind.  It decides what is let into the subconscious mind. When we choose what is let into the subconscious mind, then we will be able to reprogram our subconscious mind. 

We are working on a schedule of things we have to hand in each week, which is teaching us discipline as well as getting us out of comfort zone. We are also being held accountable for our assignments.  Being held accountable is very important is having a more successful life. 

We are also replacing our bad habits with good habits, and in the long run that will make a huge difference for us.