Press Release

Interview with Oprah Winfrey | Posted April 25, 2022 

VD: “Thanks for coming to New York, Oprah. Great having you here.

OW: “I love the Big Apple.”

OW: “You mentioned that you were in the corporate world for 20 years before becoming an entrepreneur.  What made you decide to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur?”.

VD: “I had wanted to be an entrepreneur for many years, but was fearful of going off on my own. I was used to having others tell me what to do, and was not sure if I could succeed on my own. Things got worse in the corporate world after the 2008 market crash. It became a lot more cutthroat, and I was very unhappy.  I wanted to go work for myself, but fear stopped me for years.” 

OW: “So what happened?” 

VD: “In 2013 I was let go, or if you prefer, I was fired.  I actually was relieved because they did me a favor. I felt so free.  This gave me the chance to go and become an entrepreneur. After taking some time off, I decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.” I replied.

OW: “How was it when you started off?” 

VD: “It was not easy.  Although I loved working for myself, I had no idea what to do.  I was used to having a boss tell me what to do, so each day I knew what to expect.  Now I had no one to keep me accountable. I did not know how to drum up business. I did not know how to get clients or have people join me in business.  I struggled a lot early on.“

OW: “How did you become successful after struggling early on?”

VD: “The first thing I realized was that I was failing because I was trying to do it on my own. I found out that all successful people have mentors.  If you look at the top athletes in the world, whether it’s Serena Williams or Lebron James, they all have coaches or trainers to guide them. I realized I needed to get mentors.  When I got myself some mentors, everything changed. I made fewer mistakes and I became more successful.

I also never gave up.  I persisted and learned from my mistakes.  I also took 100% responsibility and blamed no one for my mistakes.  I also worked on developing myself and on my personal development. All these things made me into a better person who can help other and serve others.”

OW: “That’s great.”

VD: “Thank you.”

OW: “What are some of the things you like about your current lifestyle?”

VD: “I love being able to travel all over the world.  When I was in the corporate, the companies I worked for never sent me anywhere.  I have been to many different countries all over the world such as Switzerland, Thailand, Greece, Peru, and Australia among others.  I have met so many wonderful people in these countries. I also love the fact that I can work from anywhere around the world using my lap top.” 

OW: “What advice would you give to people considering working for themselves and becoming entrepreneurs?”

VD: “First, get yourself a mentor.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The mentor will save you a ton of time and heartache.  Work on your personal development. Focus on one thing at a time. Be persistent and don’t give up, and take 100% responsibility for your life.  Be consistent day in and day out.”

OW: “Great talking with you today, Victor!”

VD: Thanks, Oprah!  It was a lot of fun and I had a blast!”