Master Key Experience Week 18

This week we started Scroll V in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.  Lots of great stuff in it.

Og teaches us in Scroll V to live in the present and make the most of today.  We spend too much time worrying about what tomorrow or next week or month will bring, as well as dwelling too much on the past.  We need to stop procrastinating and to make the most of us today. Each moment today is precious and should not be wasted. We are asked to live today as if it were it last, because that way we would not waste any time. 

We watched a video by Shawn Achor.  He told us that we need to be happy first because we can be more productive and successful.  Most people have it backwards and think we need to be successful and wealthy first before they are wealthy, which is not the case with the studies done.  

90% of our happiness is not affected by our exterior world, but how we perceive the world.  It is also important to be grateful for things, and focus on the things we are grateful for each day, and do meditation as well.

Here is Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk!

If you follow what Shawn Achor teaches in that talk, you will see lots of things change in your life for the better.



Master Key Experience Week 16

This week we had an exercise to do two kind things each day or notice when something does something nice for us.  Each day I have been noticing when something tries to do something nice for me. Whatever you focus on expands, and I am definitely seeing more kindness as I am looking for it. 

There are some great lessons about wealth from Haanel in week 16.  He writes, “Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end.”  Many people get into trouble and have miserable lives because seek wealth as an end, instead of a mean of accomplishing that end.

Haanel says, “Premature wealth is but the forerunner of humiliation and disaster, because we cannot permanently retain anything which we do not merit or which we have not earned.”

This is one reason why the vast majority of lottery winners are broke within 5 years of winning the lottery.  It is premature wealth, they have not developed themselves, worked for the riches, and developed the proper money mindset for the lottery winnings, and subconsciously work to get rid of the winnings. 

We also learn the power of our thoughts.  They can be constructive or destructive, depending on what we choose.  Unfortunately, many choose destructive thoughts, often subconsciously. We must learn to choose constructive thoughts. 

Visualization is also discussed by Haanel.  Many successful people use visualization as it is very powerful.  The brain can not tell the difference between a real and imagined event, so you can utilize visualization to try to help you attain the future you desire.